• Part Time Business for Sri Lankan Women

    For decades, Asian women have been famous for being all-rounders. They make an amazing mom and an even more caring wife. Without alarms they wake their kids up for school in the morning, they wake their husband up for office, they make their family’s breakfast within 15-20 minutes and that too while taking care of who likes to eat what; an omelette with toast, fruits’ milkshake, sandwiches or a pancake (service like that of a five-star restaurant).

  • Women Entrepreneurship Development Programme in Sri Lanka

    Though it would seem that Sri Lanka has a better and a balanced gender role-play, there are regions where women suffer from patriarchy system, lack of education and opportunities for self-sufficiency. Women in urban societies have found better access to business in this ideal time, but rural and sub-urban women still stare at basic issues.

  • Women in international trade and business in Sri Lanka

    Sri Lankan women have yet to explore their true limits which lie beyond their homes. The fact that majority of Sri Lankan women contribute little despite being the numerically dominant gender has stacked up some problems for the country’s economy. High female participation is a determinant of individual and collective prosperity and is also a contributor in elevating living standard

  • Women Empowerment Programmes in Sri Lanka

    In spite of its high literacy rate, Sri Lanka’s rural sector has neither been able to utilize their resources and capabilities nor has it managed to gain access to education and health. Such factors along with others have slowed down the women empowerment programs in Sri Lanka.