• Barriers to Women Entrepreneurs in Bangladesh

    Back in the nineties, fetching some water in the bucket and catching a bunch of fishes was all that was expected of girls in Bangladesh. When it gained independence, it was a very poor country and the poverty rate was so high, only few families could afford sending their kids to school.

  • Small business ideas for women in Bangladesh

    Small business ideas for women have been circulating all across the globe for quite some time now. Internet is the best hub to provide these opportunities to females for such purposes. As reported by international surveys (ICRW Organisation), there are more women than men present in the world today and the ratio is comparatively increasing, year on year basis. Along with this, women are said to be much wiser and more talented than men (ICRW Org). Money matters are better handled by women than...

  • International Trades for Women in Bangladesh

    Much like other developing nations, Bangladesh has developed true understanding of trading sans frontier and has accelerated its efforts since. Though productive, Bengali exports are limited in scope and hence are at the mercy of fluctuations of international market. Daring Tax-initiatives has improved the country’s exports dramatically.

  • Women Empowerment in Bangladesh

    Bangladesh deploys more than 45% of its population in agriculture. Women have a significant role to play in agriculture. Since the independence, women have been responsible for most of the post-harvesting work. By the time Bangladesh entered 1984, the country has already had twice as much female workforce as it was after independence. The percentage of women in labor force is 57.2 percent as of 2011.